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Read newspapers and magazines from the Netherlands!  Online news media is now available from Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Haarlem and other Dutch cities.

Many daily newspapers are available free of charge and are accessible from your PC, laptop or mobile device the moment they are published.  In addition to local and national newspapers, specialty magazines, periodicals and journals are also available.

Newspapers and Magazines from the Netherlands
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

To learn more about the Netherlands, please visit:

  1. Amsterdam Netherlands
  2. Delft Netherlands
  3. Haarlem Netherlands
  4. Leiden Netherlands
  5. The Hague, Netherlands
  6. Rotterdam Netherlands

Newspapers and Magazines from the Netherlands

Country Newspaper Type Language
Netherlands Nederlands Dagblad News Dutch
Netherlands NRC Handelsblad News Dutch
Netherlands Parool News Dutch
Netherlands Telegraaf News Dutch
Netherlands Trouw de Verdieping News Dutch