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Read French language newspapers and magazines from around the world!  Online news media is now available from Canada, France, Lebanon and Switzerland.

Many daily newspapers are available free of charge and are accessible from your PC, laptop or mobile device the moment they are published.  In addition to local and national newspapers, specialty magazines, periodicals and journals are also available.

Online Newspapers and Magazines
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To learn more about the French speaking countries, please visit:

  1. Antibe France
  2. Arles France
  3. Cannes France
  4. Geneva Switzerland
  5. Ile-de-France
  6. Juan-les-Pins France
  7. Loire Valley France
  8. Lyon France
  9. Marseille France
  10. Montreal Quebec
  11. Nice France
  12. Orleans France
  13. Paris France
  14. Provence France

Newspapers and Magazines in French

Language Newspaper Country Category
French Courrier International France News
French Cyber Sciences Canada Science
French Journal de Québec Canada News
French La Liberté Switzerland News
French La Presse Canada News
French La Republique France News
French La Revue Du Liban Lebanon News
French La Tribune France Business
French L'actualité Canada News
French Le Devoir Canada News
French Le Droit Canada News
French Le Matin Canada News
French Le Monde France News
French Le Monde Diplomatique France News
French Le Progres en Ligne France News
French Le Soir en Ligne Belgium News
French Les Echos France Business
French L'Express France News
French L'Humanite France News
French Libération France News
French Ouest-France France News
French Planète Québec Canada News
French Voir Canada News