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Read Spanish language newspapers and magazines from around the world!  Online news media is now available from Argentina, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Mexico and the USA.

Many daily newspapers are available free of charge and are accessible from your PC, laptop or mobile device the moment they are published.  In addition to local and national newspapers, specialty magazines, periodicals and journals are also available.

Online Newspapers and Magazines
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To learn more about the Spanish speaking countries, please visit:

  1. Barcelona Spain
  2. Catalonia Spain
  3. Canary Islands
  4. Havana Cuba
  5. Las Palmas Spain
  6. Lima Peru
  7. Madrid Spain
  8. Mallorca Spain
  9. Menorca Spain
  10. San Juan Puerto Rico
  11. Tenerife, Canary Islands

Newspapers and Magazines in Spanish

Language Newspaper Country Category
Spanish Diario El Popular Canada News
Spanish El Colombiano Colombia Business
Spanish El Diario Chile Business
Spanish El Espectador Colombia News
Spanish El Iinformador Mexico News
Spanish El Nacional Venezuela News
Spanish Heraldo Mexico News
Spanish La Cronica de Hoy Mexico News
Spanish La Jornada Mexico News
Spanish La Opinion, Los Angeles USA News
Spanish Periódico Público Mexico News